We’ve told you they were coming and now they are here! Our first look at Brie Larson in an absolutely brand new version of the Captain Marvel suit! The photos, taken yesterday on location in Calfornia,  show Carol Danvers in a green and blue version of the suit we’ve seen in concept art from the film!

There’s not much we can make out about what’s happening in the scene, but Danvers seems to have been a part of some sort of scuffle and has put a man down to his knees by squeezing his hand. These shots are the first set photos of Captain Marvel and give us a lot to think about while we wait for production to resume in late-March!

The suit is certainly not the red and blue suit you’d expect, but it comes complete with the Hala Star emblazoned on the chest and the color scheme is certainly evocative of the classic Kree look with blue substituting in for grey, something similar to this look at one suit worn by Mar-Vell:

If we had to guess, we’d say that these shots are more likely to be from the past rather than the present, but that’s just speculation! Stay tuned as we’ll be sure to see more shots of Larson as Danvers on set soon.

Captain Marvel is set to release March 6, 2019!

Source: Page Six