Yesterday’s Marvel Studios Open House has flooded our brains with goodness about many of Marvel’s upcoming projects. One project about which very little is known is Captain Marvel, slated to hit theaters just before the 4th Avengers film in 2019. Outside of the casting of Academy Award-winning actress Brie Larson, we know that the film will start filming sometime in February of 2018 and that Larson might or might not appear before her solo flick.

Though nobody from Captain Marvel was on hand last night, Ant-Man and The Wasp director Peyton Reed was part of the program, which mostly featured concept art, and indicated that a director for Captain Marvel has finally been selected. Despite refusing to name the director, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did say that we would be finding out soon. We’ve known for some time that Marvel Studios would prefer a female director for the film and Feige seemed to reiterate that, along with assuring the guests that the crew for the film would be diverse as well.

The concept art on display will likely settle the uneasy minds of many fans, as it appears that Carol Davners’s costume will be a riff on her modern outfit. The art was described to us as having her modern look but with “armor like the Dark Knight.” Our great friends at That Hashtag Show believe that this fan art is about as close as they’ve seen to the concept art:

Marvel producer Jeremy Latcham cautioned that her outfit in the concept art might change before production actually begins, but it’s hard to believe they’d go the classic route. It’s also worth noting that the concept art did not show Larson in a helmet or with a mohawk, two pieces of the current costume that really seem to generate a lot of curiosity.

One final piece of the puzzle that came from the concept art was from a piece depicting a scene in which Danvers was facing off with what were described as two purple-eyed robots. In the piece, Danvers is seen punching one of the robots while generating an energy blast in her other hand. In addition to confirming that the film will replicate Carol’s enormous cosmic powers (something Feige has talked about in the past), it’s possible that the robots could be Kree Sentries, powerful weapons of the Kree Empire, and could hint at some of what we might expect to see in the film.

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