We’re just days away from the Digital HD release of Captain Marvel, and as always that means a ton of previously unseen and behind-the-scenes footage is making its way online.

In this newly released deleted scene, we see Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg teaching young Star Force recruits about the Skrulls and the Supreme Intelligence, with a fun interjection from Brie Larson’s Vers, as she was known at this point in the film.

It’s a fun scene, but doesn’t add much we don’t get from other exposition throughout. Still, it seems a shame to have lost a scene that further fleshed out Hala, and it would have been nice to see more of Yon-Rogg and Vers’ relationship prior to her arrival on Earth. It’s also interesting to see the Kree teaching such young recruits – perhaps we could see a new Star Force in a Captain Marvel sequel?

Marvel have also released an extended version of the “what, no smile?” scene, where we get to see more of how Carol deals with that particular sexist incident. It’s a satisfying moment, but it’s also pretty easy to see why Marvel chose the alternate version seen in the film – probably best not to show your new hero using her powers on civilians.

You can see even more deleted scenes and lots of other behind-the-scenes goodies from Captain Marvel when it releases on Digital HD on May 28th and DVD/Blu-Ray on June 11th.

Source: io9