Walt Disney’s next ambitious project is a must-watch right now. After successfully getting the okay to purchase 21st Century Fox and their media assets, they have all the necessary tools to combat Netflix in the streaming industry. Naturally, many wondered how this affects Marvel’s releases on Netflix, as they once had an exclusive deal with the House of Mouse. We know that this deal will not directly affect the Netflix-Marvel shows such as The Punisher, Iron Fist or Daredevil. Yet, we had no idea how it would affect the publication of the MCU’s films, as there was still no official word on when they would start pushing the streaming service.

Luckily, the New York Times got some insider info that confirms that Marvel’s first 2019 film Captain Marvel will premiere on Disney’s new streaming service. This means that Ant-Man and the Wasp will be the last MCU film to be released on Netflix. This also confirms that we can expect the still-unnamed streaming service to see the light of day around Fall 2019, as it would fit the with the current release windows of streaming services and adding some potential release issues. We also do not know if the films that are currently released on Netflix might be pulled from the streaming service once Disney pushed their product out. The upcoming year building up to its release will be quite an interesting one.

Are you going to get a subscription with Captain Marvel being the first MCU film to stream on Disney’s new service? What do you think they should name it?

Source: New York Times via ComicBook.com