Nothing seems to be able to stop Captain Marvel. The film remained on the No. 1 spot this weekend as it pulled in $69.3 million domestically. The film declined by only 54,8% which is lower than the MCU average. In comparison to other MCU films, it remained steadier than heavy hitters like Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. This brought its domestic cume to $266 million in just ten days. The film didn’t face much competition that weekend but the latest additions were generally outperforming early predictions. It is also important to note that the second weekend saw a massive increase in female viewership. It seems that word-of-mouth has been drawing in quite a crowd in its main demographic.

Internationally it has also earned an additional $119.7 million in 54 markets. As such, the film now already stands at an astounding $760 million worldwide. There is nothing stopping Captain Marvel from bringing in $1 billion at the Box Office. It finally opened in Japan at the top spot with $5.6 million. China also brought in another massive 132 million. As such it has already become the tenth highest grossing MCU film. Marvel Studios continues to revitalize cinema’s as ticket sales are up by around 3% from last year.

It is only a question of time until we see the announcement for Captain Marvel 2. One of the smartest moves Marvel Studios did was including Carol in the Avengers: Endgame trailer. It solidified her presence in the film and might get some people curious to see the film to find out more. At this rate, there is the possibility that Marvel Studios could have three films in one year to pass the $1 billion. It certainly is a good time to be a Marvel fan.

What do you think? How much do you Captain Marvel will make once it exits cinemas? Are you also wondering when we’ll get the Goose solo-movie?

Source: IGN,, CNBC, Variety