Captain Marvel is coming our way in less than two months, which means the marketing campaign for the movie is entering its most intense moment. As it usually happens for MCU movies, Empire Magazine is going to feature the film on their cover, as well as publish an in-depth look at the movie. In Captain Marvel’s case, the magazine hits newsstands next Thursday, January 24th, with the following cover. As expected, alongside Carol herself, of course, it features the other two of the movie’s seemingly main characters: Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos and Jude Law’s much-speculated mentor to Carol Danvers. Check it below:

No surprise that the film’s trio looks dope. It’s looking more and more likely that Carol is flanked by not one but two villains in this cover. The magazine also revealed its exclusive Captain Marvel subscriber cover a few days back and it’s an absolute stunner. We should have a lot of new, juicy stuff to talk about as soon as the magazine hits the streets with all of its special content. Stay tuned!

Source: Empire