The Marvel Studios panel at CCXP with Brie Larson and Sebastian Stan just ended where they gave fans a very exclusive special look at Captain Marvel. Fortunately, one of our writers, Tiago Fiszbejn, got to attend the entire thing and shared some details on what he saw.

According to him, they were treated to a clip of a scene from the trailer where Carol is hung upside down and trapped in some probing device by the Skrulls and Ben Mendelsohn‘s Talos. Talos describes Carol’s mind “having everything they need” indicating some secrets they’re dying to get their hands on. Carol breaks free from the probing device but is restricted from using her powers thanks to a nullifying device. So she screams at the Skrulls saying she’ll do it “old-school” and proceeds to beat them up with ease. She then manages to destroy the nullifying device and blows a hole in their ship, blasting the remaining Skrulls away to space. The clip ends with her riding an escape pod.

Tiago says this clip transitions into a brand new sizzle reel which showed a heck of a lot more good stuff than this week’s trailer. Annette Benning‘s mysterious character describes Carol being “reborn in Hala,” which fans know to be the Kree homeworld. A quick training scene with Carol and Law was also shown. It showed them walking in a training arena where Law’s character knocks her down. Carol lights up her fist and he tells her she needs to learn to control her powers.

They also finally revealed some actual shapeshifting. At a very quick glance, Tiago described it as a smoother, more reptilian version of Mystique’s transformation in the X-Men films. But upon seeing the transformation a second time, it was described as “several bits of human skin growing and they meet eventually to form an actual skin.” He also compared it to the particle visual effect of the Reality Stone in Infinity War. Tiago loved it so we’re definitely optimistic about it!

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