After a great start, the final numbers are finally in for Captain Marvel‘s opening weekend. Marvel Studios’ latest film brought in $20.7 million on Thursday. It was just shy from the Friday predictions with $61.4 million rather than the anticipated $63.5 million. In addition, it also made another $33.5 million in China, which is just 2% off from its opening day bringing it to a two-day Box Office of $67.7 million. As such, it has already earned $221 million globally by Friday. This is quite the opening for an origin story and pointed towards a rather successful opening weekend for the movie. The question is how far could Captain Marvel go?

Well, by the looks of it, Marvel Studios is once again breaking records. Brie Larson‘s heroic debut has earned $455 million worldwide at the Box Office. This makes it the biggest female-fronted film as it surpasses the $357 million earned by Beauty and the Beast. Not only that but it also is the second-largest for any superhero film only beaten by Avengers: Infinity War. Captain Marvel currently has the sixth biggest opening worldwide.

Nationally the film is performing incredibly as it now stands at $153 million. As of writing this article, this number can still fluctuate as the final numbers for Sunday haven’t been released yet. There is still a chance that the film could get a slight boost. Audiences also seem to love the film as it now has a CinemaScore of A.

Captain Marvel currently has the seventh biggest debut for an MCU film. In the month of March, it is the third highest opening behind Beauty and the Beast (174.9 million) and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (166 million). On a budget of $150 million, it is on the cheaper side of Marvel Studios’ productions and has already covered its productions costs. The true test will come next weekend if the film has any legs to potentially pull in enough to reach the $1 billion mark.

Did you see the film this weekend? Do you think Captain Marvel could reach $1 billion?

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