Here we are again with my obsessive ass analyzing yet another trailer for Captain Marvel, but there’s actually a lot of interesting stuff in this trailer, even if they only last a few frames. So, without anymore bluster or delay, let’s get into it. Additionally, large parts of this analysis for the trailer will be out of order in what I believe to be chronological order.

You’ll get what I mean.

We get a more detailed look at the explosion that grants Carol her powers and it actually looks less like the Quantum Realm explosion seen in Ant-Man and the Wasp, as it’s mostly blue and with a different ripple effect – looking more like flames than a rippling shockwave. However, what’s most interesting is that it seems to have affected Carol immediately as she’s already bleeding green blood from her nose as an unknown figure approaches her.

They have a knife fastened to their left holster, but, it doesn’t seem like any of the other members of Star Force have this knife on their person. Could it be an additional member of Star Force?

What’s even odder is that Carol awakens from the explosion in a daze as a Skrull confronts her with a blaster pointed at her. So, did the Kree and Skrulls both find her at the same time? Did the Kree save her from this Skrull?

It’s mentioned by Annette Bening that the Kree “found” Carol with none of her memories and took her as their own by making her one of them. She also confirms that Carol does, indeed, have an extended life span as a result of her new Kree blood, which will explain her lack of aging when she appears in Avengers 4.

As for who Annette Bening might be playing, it seems very likely that she’s playing a digital/holographic manifestation of the Supreme Intelligence, as she appears to Carol. In the comics, the Supree Intellegence is a giant, ugly head in a jar composed of the greatest minds of the Kree. I find it highly unlikely that she’s playing a female Captain Mar-Vell as people have theorized.

We also see, during this explanation, Carol being given Kree blood on Hala? This is possibly after they rescue her from the explosion, considering her blood by that point has also turned green.

It seems like Carol is an efficient warrior in Star Force as she blasts an unknown assailant without even looking at them and seemingly scorching them. What’s also interesting is that her helmet actually shows her eyes here, which looks nice. Perhaps she only has the white covers in order to shield her eyes from debris, water, or the vacuum of space.

However, it appears that she is captured by the Skrulls, who proceed to interrogate her and possibly scanning her mind, which seems to trigger her memories of Earth. I also have to say that the Skulls looks noticeably better from the last trailer.

She presumably escapes and likely finds an escape vessel and, as seen in the last trailer, then crash lands into the Blockbuster Video store.

As predicted by myself and many others, Carol was indeed pursuing a Skrull onto the train. Here we can see her trying to blast them and missing as they jump into the train at the last second. If you look closely, they don’t look like a frail grandmother, but a stocky man wearing a red sweater and grey sweatpants. Regardless, they definitely look nothing like what the Skrull is later wearing as the old lady.

So, this means that Skrull can and will also shapeshift clothing in this universe, like they can in the comics. Think of how Mystique is able to do it in the Fox movies – it’ll probably be like that, albeit with a different visual effect.

It also seems like that car chase from the last trailer was Nick Fury and it seems like he’s attempting to catch up to Carol on the train. Seems like this is going to be a pretty long chase sequence.

In her haste, Carol, unceremoniously, blasts her way into the train while hunting down this Skrull, as she scans each individual passenger – all of them staring back at her in confusion and shock at her explosive entrance.

Same as the last trailer, she zeroes in on the old lady who gives an unconvincing smile before being decked in the face by the Kree warrior.

Knowing their cover is blown, the Skrull tries to make a break for it, but Carol slams their head into a pole so hard she bends it, to the horror of the gentleman in the back witnessing this apparent display of violence towards the elderly.

However, we still have no context as to why Carol was chasing down this lone Skrull. Perhaps she’s looking for answers to what they “did” to her on the ship that’s causing her to have these new memories? Or maybe she just really hates Skrulls.

Eventually, Fury is able to catch up with Carol, likely at the phone booth from the last trailer, and Carol tells him about her memory issues and it seems like Fury has an idea of how to help her.

As they’re driving to somewhere in, what looks like, the Mohave desert, Carol explains to Fury that the Kree are a race of noble warrior heroes. Which seems like obvious propaganda fed to Carol Danvers by the Kree. If you’ve seen the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Kree range from pricks to genocidal maniacs with not one of them thus far being close to being a hero.

In probably the movie’s biggest connection to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems like Fury drives Carol to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base from the beginning of The Avengers that Loki destroys. It’s here where Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. is being done, which is work on the Tesseract, which is later revealed to be the Space Stone.

It seems that they’re able to find a file on Carol Danvers, who seems to have worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. before she was abducted by the Kree? In what capacity she worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. is up to speculation, but I believe that she tested their experimental aircraft.

As shown when she seems to instinctively know how to operate what looks like a prototype of the Quinjets that would later be seen in The Avengers.

Another interesting shoot that might support this idea is Carol seemingly flying a highly advanced aircraft as she shoots down another. Perhaps the same one that she investigates that causes the explosion that gives her powers and alters her DNA.

Another scene shows what looks like Carol in a normal home looking at what are presumably her belongings, along with a photo of her and Maria Rambeau. So, this might actually be the home of Maria and Carol is looking at everything that she’s kept since she disappeared. Which would make sense, since in the previous trailer she can be seen speaking to her post-explosion.

What’s also interesting is that she finds half a dog tag with the last part of her name cut off. It was recently revealed on Funko Pop! figures for the movie that Carol will be called “Vers” when in her Kree uniform. So, it’s likely that when they abducted her, she still had half of her dog tag that had the first part of Danvers cut off – hence “Vers” being her new Kree name.

Just as Fury and Carol are stealing the experimental Quinjet, Talos, in his S.H.I.E.L.D. disguise, attempts to stop them but are too late. Talos also has an interesting line of dialogue that seems to be directed towards Carol, asking “Would you like to know what you really are?” Which implies that Talos knows about what the Kree did to her. In an earlier interview, Ben Mendelsohn mentions that Carol might not get over what happens in this movie easily.

“It’s very touching, actually. I mean, you want her to win. Now, unfortunately, not every fairytale turns out that well. Sometimes you meet a Skrull. But Carol’s resourceful. She’s going to have a few films to get over this and maybe come back from this. We’ll see. [Laughs]”

So, it’s possible that Talos is the one that tells Carol the truth in an attempt to break her.

It also seems like Jude Law’s character is possibly the one that finds her after the explosion (notice the trees and smoke) and maybe even saves her from that Skrull. He also seems a bit condescending towards her in the trailer, but it could likely be due to editing. However, with recent major leaks, it certainly paints a darker picture.

Also, as many have already pointed out, it seems like Carol has something attached to her neck in this shot. It could either be the device that stores her helmet like Star Lord, a translator, or both. Another theory I personally have is that it could be a power dampener that the Kree have attached to Danvers as a further means of controlling her.

Here’s more credence to the idea that Carol is speaking to the Supreme Intelligence, as she returns to this location, but wearing his rebellious red and blue suit telling, presumably, Annette Bening, that she won’t fight her war anymore.

It seems like she’s attacking the Kree in this scene with a nice display of her energy projection powers as she creates a wave of energy that surrounds her.

We also see a much closer and complete look at Carol’s Binary form, which is achieved in the comics by her absorbing enough energy, which will likely be the same for the movie. It seems like she can cut through ships like butter in this form with such ease and mobility. Really gives credibility to Kevin Feige‘s words when announcing her movie that she’d be one of, if not, the most powerful superhero in the MCU.

In another shoot, likely a continuation of the scene of her blasting and flying through space, she is indeed attacking the Kree specifically as we see Ronan watching her rampage of destruction. This seems to imply that they’re attempting to mount of an invasion of Earth. In the comics, during the Kree-Skrull war, Earth was seen as a strategic location to hold, as both sides have either attempted to either destroy it so the other couldn’t have it or take it for themselves.

Finally, we end on a joke of Fury being enamored by a cat named Goose. In the comics, Carol’s cat was originally named Chewie, but why they changed it, we don’t know. However, this did bring up the question of whether or not her cat would still be an alien, a Flerken to be specific.  This has been answered in the form of a leaked image of an action figure for Nick Fury, who was accompanied by a cat…seen muzzled and chained at it’s ankles.

Flerkens in the comics are aliens that only look like cats, but have mouths that contain hundreds of tentacles that can eat practically anything, hence the muzzle.

We still know barely anything about the general plot beyond Carol stopping the war between the Kree and Skrulls from destroying Earth, but it seems like it’ll be heavily focused on Carol as a character who’s attempting to piece together her past.

It’ll be exciting to see her again in the upcoming Avengers 4 trailer so soon after her own!