Here’s a confusing bit of info that’s been making the rounds for the past few days now. In the batch of newly released reports from the Avengers: Infinity War set visits by the press, it was seemingly revealed by the Russos that ya girl Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel was going to be in Infinity War, despite the fact the director duo asserted she wasn’t going to be in during SDCC 2017. Are we being bamboozled by Marvel’s finest?

Is it …? Where’s Pisani? I can’t remember if we – Captain Marvel on set, is that official? If it’s not, it’s official now. I think Captain Marvel had a great outfit.

It could be two things. Contrary to what most people think about set interviews and reports, most of them are done several months before a film gets released. On one hand, in the time the interview was done and the Russos said Carol wasn’t going to be in Infinity War, major script changes may have happened. The Russos could have realized that Carol was ultimately a better fit for Avengers 4 instead. On the other hand, it’s possible that Carol’s original role in Infinity War was relegated to a post-credits stinger instead of a proper role. We should know the real answer in just a few weeks!

Source: Slashfilm