There have been rumors of Carol Danvers making her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe long before her solo film was even announced last October. In fact, it was believed that she’d been cast prior to filming on Avengers: Age of Ultron kicked off, which only caused the rumors to grow throughout the production on that film, eventually leading to Joss Whedon admitting that Carol was originally set to make an appearance. But as we all know, Carol ended up being saved for a later film as Marvel wanted to do the character justice rather than just tossing her into a film for the sake of it.

With Carol having been so close to joining the MCU, fans have been eagerly awaiting a casting announcement from Marvel. There have been plenty of actresses rumored for the role – Rebecca Ferguson being the latest name thrown in the mix – although none nearly as often as Emily Blunt. But Marvel has remained quiet on the matter.

While at an event for the DVD & Blu-Ray launch for Avengers: Age of Ultron, MTV was able to talk to Marvel Studios head-honcho Kevin Feige about Captain Marvel and the constant casting rumors. And sadly, it appears as though it’ll be some time before we hear anything official.

“There won’t be any announcements about that this year,” Feige said. “I think right now we’re scripting the film, figuring out who we want Carol Danvers to be, and really what the structure of the movie will be and what her part will be in some of our other Phase 3 films. And it would be next year that we start to really think about casting.”

However, while we still have some time before Carol is cast, Feige and Marvel Studios producer Jeremy Latcham have admitted to following the rumors and paying attention to fan-casts.

“We read it, we go through it, we read the comments, we look at who people like,” Latcham added. “Sometimes it’s really enlightening. Sometimes it’s the exact same person that they’ve been saying over and over again that we don’t think is right. It’s always fun to kinda go through it and see what people are up to.”

So hey, maybe Emily Blunt will nab the role in the end!

With production on Avengers: Infinity War set to begin next year, it’s more than likely that we’ll begin hearing more names early on in the year, as it’s possible Carol will make her debut in the film prior to her solo film set for 2018. For now, be sure to follow along here for all things Captain Marvel.