Us fans are way too hungry for any semblance of Captain Marvel news, huh? Along with showcasing footage from Avengers 4 at CineEurope, attendees were also shown behind the scene footage of Captain Marvel, a brief description of the character and her powers, including this very interesting quote…

Captain Marvel is about to take the lead in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s been long thought that characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel would be the replacements for Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man moving forward in the MCU and this seems to very much confirm that fact. On top of being deemed the most powerful superhero in the MCU by Kevin Feige, she will also be taking the lead from now on, presumably, in Iron Man’s place. Captain Marvel moving to the forefront of the MCU will prove to be a very exciting shift for the franchise and will no doubt define a generation of new fans.

Source: Nikita Byrkin