The Avengers: Endgame stinger from Captain Marvel put a big smile on the faces of many fans when it debuted not too long ago. Besides some familiar MCU faces returning as side characters or in cameos in the film, we’ve never seen Carol interact with any leading heroes. Despite what many think about the film itself, it was the perfect end-credit scene to get the world hyped for the MCU’s finale that fans can finally watch in online courtesy of Marvel Studios.

It is still unknown if this scene is from Endgame directly, a la the Ant-Man post-credits scene for Captain America: Civil War or the Thor: Ragnarok stinger from Doctor Strange. The way the scene is filmed to reveal each character almost dramatically and I just don’t see it being from Avengers unless it’s the opening scene. If that were the case, I doubt they would reveal it until the movie comes out. Catch-22.

Source: Twitter