With Ant-Man and The Wasp now in the can, Marvel Studios has begun work on Captain Marvel. The film’s production schedule and location have already undergone a few changes, including a move from Atlanta to Los Angeles, but the creative team working on the film recently convened for film prep and we expect the casting process has either already begun or will shortly because it seems there has been another shift in the production timeline.

We recently heard from a source that the studio is looking to fill out key roles of the cast sooner rather than later because they plan to film for one week, late in January. While we don’t know which roles or what they will be shooting during that week, we have to wonder if the accelerated timeline is necessary to allow some members of the cast of Avengers 4 to join the shoot.

Additionally, while we’ve heard both January and February start dates for the film, we are told that full-time production on the film is now expected to begin in early March and conclude sometime in mid-July.

With the team coming together and this news reaching us, we would be shocked if we didn’t start to see some more casting come together pretty quickly, especially with the holidays coming up. Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters March 8, 2019!

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