Reactions to the official Skrull designs for Captain Marvel were mixed when they were debuted by Entertainment Weekly a few weeks back. A lot liked the practical look of the design while some hated how far it diverged from the SDCC concept art years back. While we still don’t have a proper look at them in action, some new promo posters offer a pretty great look at the Skrulls, Ben Mendelsohn‘s Talos in particular, as well as Carol’s alien cat Goose. Check it out!

Those are pretty cool posters alright. I just noticed that their Skrull designs are missing the default purple headpiece on their foreheads. I reckon it’ll be a component of their battlesuits as opposed to their default looks. That Goose poster is pretty much the best of this bunch and that character will likely be a hot commodity once toys of this film come out just like Baby Groot was back then.

Source: CBM