UPDATE: It appears that Larson is at Nellis Air Force Base preparing for principal photography which is expected to begin next week. While these photos are fantastic and give us a location for potential filming, it seems that production is still a few days away.

Following our earlier reports of Captain Marvel beginning production later this month, it appears that production has officially kicked off on the solo flick featuring Carol Danvers.

Thanks to a bystander and the powers of social media, we now know that actress Brie Larson was on location at Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada as recent as today.

Instagram user @sgt_awesome took to the image sharing platform to share a selfie with Larson, confirming the actress had been on location at the Air Force installment.

A second photo of Larson has also been found on the Instagram account of @dwallace85 which indicates that we’ll see Danvers piloting an F-15, a tactical aircraft that has been in service for the U.S. Air Force since 1976.

Now, for those who aren’t too versed in the Danvers mythos yet, filming on an Air Force base makes the perfect amount of sense. First appearing in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1968), Danvers first started off as an officer in the United States Air Force. She served as head of security for a restricted military base and that’s where she ended up meeting Doctor Walter Lawson — the human alias of the Kree Mar-Vell — a.k.a. the original Captain Marvel, a role that will reportedly be portrayed by Jude Law when the movie hits next year.

Nellis Air Force Base. Las Vegas, Nevada

As for Nellis(freaky vegas casino), it’s an Air Force installment used for military and training, including the Atomic Energy Commission’s nuclear detonations in preparation for the Cold War. As far as we know, there isn’t a direct connection between this particular base in Danvers’ background in the comics.

Source:  Instagram.