The production of Marvel’s next big superhero franchise, Captain Marvel, has just started not too long ago. Along with it, we got a lot of pictures from behind-the-scenes and some major casting announcements. That is not all, as thanks to That Hashtag Show we also got some more information on the upcoming shooting locations for the film that tease some interesting backdrops for the film. Carol Danvers will be heading to the New Orleans and Baton Rouge around the 4th of July. The production team will be facing classic Louisiana weather in July which may be intentional to make use of the heavy rainfalls during that season. What they are filming is only limited to a few scenes.

The major question remains what they could potentially be filming in Louisiana. That HastagShow does theorize that the sequence could involve Lashana Lynch‘s character in some way or another. The Bayou could also be a great backdrop for an alien. Danvers might find herself lost in space at some point in the story as she tries to escape the ongoing Kree-Skrull war. Perhaps we could see a short sequence of Kree fighting their way through an alien swamp.  Baton Rouge could also be used as a stand-in for a Kree city or Danvers is hunting down undercover Skrulls. There are still many questions surrounding the production, especially how much of the film will actually take place on earth but it is fun to speculate.

What do you think they will be filming in Louisiana?

Source: That Hashtag Show