Despite the cosmic setting, executive producer Jonathan Schwartz has described the tone of Captain Marvel to be more in line with Captain America: The Winter Solder, rather than Guardians of the Galaxy.

Despite all that interstellar intrigue, Schwartz described Captain Marvel as more Captain America: The Winter Soldier than Guardians of the Galaxy. Or, better yet, like a movie from the era of Blockbuster: “It’s a ’90s action movie, like Robocop or Terminator 2 or Total Recall,” Schwartz said.

While we’ve already known about the many inspirations for Captain Marvel, this description of its tone compared to a previous MCU movie is new. Considering the story and subject matter, it’s understandable for this movie to have a more serious bent to it. Funny enough, the titular characters for both movies have been brainwashed to fight for a faction against their will.

Source: Mashable