Marvel Studios has finally released the Captain Marvel trailer. It is already proving itself as a huge hit for the studio months before it even released. Their first female-led film has garnered 109 million views in its first 24 hours. These are 20 million more views than this year’s major Blockbuster Black Panther. It may not have reached Avengers: Infinity Wars record-breaking 230 million but it is quite amazing to see the film pull in such numbers. Carol Danvers is a rather unknown character and has not been established outside of a small tease at the end of Infinity War. This is a great first sign that there is a really strong audience behind Marvel’s newest venture.

The tagline “Higher. Further. Faster” is truly paying off and it will be interesting to see what the film can pull in once it opens in March. Of course, it is a bit early to make any predictions but Captain Marvel has the potential to be one of Marvel Studios’ next big franchises alongside Doctor Strange and Black Panther. It will be interesting to see how much higher and further the film will go as it builds up towards its release.

What do you think? Did you expect the viewer numbers? What are your hopes for the film?

Source: Twitter, Hype Beast

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