It seems like Marvel Studios and Disney were happy enough with Jac Schaeffer and her contributions to Captain Marvel and script for Black Widow that they have given her the position of showrunner for their Disney+ show Vision and Scarlet Witch, along with penning the pilot. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen will reprise their roles as the titular characters like Tom Hiddleston will for Loki.

Along with the, currently untitled, Falcon-Winter Soldier series that is three series’ currently in development.  Kevin Feige was serious when he said they would take advantage of Disney+ and tell stories they couldn’t on the big screen. Keep in mind that these are all limited series’, so there’s no telling how many more they have in store – we even speculated this ourselves.

While the first decade of Marvel Studios has ended, its new decade is looking incredibly bright.

Source: THR