After much anticipation Captain Marvel has finally completed its principal photography and while we’ll be expecting reports of re-shoots in the future, the bulk of the movie has been filmed and it should be moving onto post-production. Brie Larson made an Instagram post commemorating the occasion with a clapperboard signed by the crew, along a cute calendar with a doodle of Carol Danvers flying in a spaceship with her pet cat trailing behind her.

It could just be a cute reference or it could be an indication that Chewie, her pet cat, might make an appearance in the movie itself.

Now, as a reminder, just because principle photography is done doesn’t mean that a trailer is coming anytime soon. As Kevin Feige said, we’ll have to wait a few months for it to show up. Many suspect that the trailer will be released in August in front of Christopher Robin or in October at New York Comic Con.

Either way, we’re that much closer to seeing Captain Marvel in all her glory.