Although comic book writer Roy Thomas created Carol Danvers (alongside comic book artist Gene Colan), it is Kelly Sue DeConnick that is often associated with the character, as she took her from a character with a rather traumatic backstory and made her into one of Marvel’s powerful characters, as well as a feminist icon. Nowadays, you’ll be hard pressed to find a convention that doesn’t have at least a few fans donning Carol’s iconic suit. She has became a huge part of Marvel Comics, and going forward, she’ll prove to be an important part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

So it isn’t entirely surprising that, following the casting news of Brie Larson during Saturday’s Hall H panel, many were eager to see what DeConnick thought. And while the comic writer remained mum on Twitter for the most part, she did open up to the folks over at Vanity Fair, expressing her excitement over Larson’s casting. Of course, that doesn’t mean Larson was who DeConnick initially pictured when she thought of the perfect actress to portray the character.


“My dreamcasting—or the actor who is the voice in my head—is Kathleen Turner from about 1983. She could be both sexy and awkward and powerful. She could do all of those things at once. From what I can tell, Brie Larson can do those things too. She has a gravitas and she has a power to her. But you can see she also has a sense of humor and playfulness there. I’m psyched.”

Still, the comic writer stresses she’s psyched to see Larson bring the character to life. Unlike the fans, who all of their own various requirements of what they want to see in actors cast as their favorite characters, DeConnick only had one request beforehand – that the actress would have some height to add to the intimation factor. Although, as she later points out, she knows that height isn’t exactly vital to being viewed as intimidating.

“The only physical thing I wanted for Carol—I was hoping for Carol to have some height. In the books she’s 5’11’. There’s a little bit of an intimidation factor that comes with her being so tall.” But as the formidable-yet-diminutive DeConnick points out, “I’m 5ft tall and I can be intimidating.”

With Captain Marvel not set to hit movie theaters until 2019, it’s highly unlikely we’ll get much more news anytime soon regarding the film outside of a director announcement. And although Feige has stated they’re hoping to have that out by the end of the summer? I’d reckon the trades will end up breaking that news much, much sooner. For now, we can all just be happy that we finally have our Captain Marvel in the always excellent Brie Larson, who is sure to leave her own mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe when she makes her debut as the character on screen.

Captain Marvel will hit movie theaters on March 8th, 2019!

Source: Vanity Fair.