Falcon and the Winter Soldier will give us a deep dive into the status quo of the post Infinity Saga world of the MCU in a global scale adventure between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. In the past weeks, we’ve learned that the show will eventually premiere later this August. Moreover, there were several set photos and even a Superbowl teaser that has been released which teased new looks at Sam, Bucky, Baron Zemo and the US Agent who is presumed to be the government’s choice as the new Captain America. Given that the production is still ongoing at Atlanta, new cast members continue to emerge and a new addition is on his way.

Deadline is reporting that Carl Lumbly has joined the cast of the Disney+ superhero show in an undisclosed role. Lumbly is best known for his roles in Doctor Sleep as well as the CW series Supergirl. Aside from his role at Supergirl, he is no stranger to superhero shows since he voiced Martian Manhunter in several Justice League shows.

Not much is known about the role of Lumbly in the series but speculations have been rampant. The most popular guess is that he could be playing Isaiah Bradley, one of the original successful test subjects of Project: Rebirth, the project that birthed Captain America. Should this be the case, he could very well be an inspirational figure for Sam to take the mantle of Captain America. Another guess is that he could a blood relative of Sam. Whatever the case may be, Lumbly is definitely a good addition to the cast and it will make the Disney+ series more interesting.

Source: Deadline