Captain Marvel fans had a field day the past few days when a crap ton of photos of Brie Larson and the cast on set were snapped. We got a first look at Lashana Lynch’s mysterious colleague of Carol and Larson in full 90’s garb. And part of the bunch that surfaced last weekend was a photoset of Larson performing a rope stunt in USAF training gear, indicating that we will get to see Danvers’ rise from rookie to officer.

Seeing Steve Rogers brave through army recruitment training was one of the best parts of Captain America: The First Avengers so sign me up for Carol’s rise through the ranks. The screenwriters of Avengers: Infinity War (and the first Cap film) have previously alluded to the characteristic similarities between Rogers and Danvers. Like Rogers, MCU Danvers is said to have the same resolute steadfast outlook on right and wrong. If there’s anything the First Avengers training montage of skinny Steve did well is that it gave incredible character moments for Steve. I’m hoping it does the same for Carol.

Source: Just Jared