In an Instagram post by Samuel L. Jackson, he may have indirectly revealed another component of Carol Danvers’ costume that we haven’t seen yet and it’s through a shirt he was given by the visual effects team.

I’ve attempted to look up this t-shirt, but did not find it on sale anywhere. The label “Captain Marvel Visual Effects” to the right of Carol certainly cements the fact that it is indeed a unique shirt made for the crew by the visual effects team. What stands out is that it shows Captain Marvel wearing a red helmet that she hasn’t worn in the comic books since her costume redesign in 2015.

What’s interesting is that they got rid of the helmet during her costume redesign because they decided that Carol could breathe in space and therefore the helmet became redundant.

The helmet’s gone as well. “Sana finally emailed me about it,” Anka recalled. “There is no more helmet. The helmet makes no sense anymore [since] she can breathe in space.” Since Carol’s not hiding her face and identity, and the helmet’s not going to protect her from anything, from a functionality standpoint, it’s simply not necessary.

Which implies that Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe cannot breathe in space and would therefore need the helmet again. Additionally, this is definitely the movie design and not a design lifted from the comic books for this t-shirt like many believe on first glance. It’s all in the details, but more specifically, the front of her costume (the gap running down from her collar) and her shoulder pads are a dead give away.

Note the front and the shoulder pads

Those design choices are nowhere in any of her comic book counterparts, they’re only from her movie design.