Carrie-Anne Moss recently sat down with IGN and talked about what it’s like to experience the different sets of the Netflix corner of the MCU. Moss has now worked on Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. According to the actress, things feel a bit different when she walks on set as a series regular as oppose to when she spends time as an occasional guest star.

“[The Iron Fist cast and crew are] finding their way, and I’m watching it unfold, but I’m not in it. I’m kind of watching it because I’m not a regular. It’s interesting.”

This quote suggests that Moss’s Jeri Hogarth will appear sparingly in the series. Given what a large role Jeryn Hogarth plays in Danny Rand’s life in many comic iterations, Moss having a limited role will be a shift from the source material.

Certainly, a challenge for the Netflix MCU world is to provide shows that are tonally similar enough to mesh when The Defenders comes around, but also which have their own hook. Moss is a big fan of how each show has found its own groove.

“I love it because all of them are different showrunners and the showrunners are super creative. It’s really high quality. It’s interesting to see everyone’s energy in it…Jessica Jones was specifically one thing. It has that tone, it has Melissa in it. To go into these other shows and know what it’s like to be on my show and go be a visitor on someone else’s show, seeing the difference of it, it’s fascinating.”

While the interview doesn’t drop too many hints about when viewers can expect to see more of Jessica Jones, it sounds like thus far, Moss has not seen a script yet.

“I can’t wait to see what Melissa’s going to do. I can’t wait to see the story because the stories were so good.”

You can read the rest of Moss’s comments over at IGN. What do you think of Moss’s Jeri Hogarth showing up in more Netflix shows? Do you think she has a bigger role to play down the road? Share your thoughts in the comments below.