Marvel is adamant on keeping secrets for almost everything in Avengers: Infinity War, going as far as to keep the names of the actors playing the Black Order away from the public. Well, we have the very first confirmation of a big name voicing one of Thanos’ kids. Speaking to Brit magazine Radio Times, director Joe Russo revealed that The Leftovers and Fargo star Carrie Coon was cast as Proxima Midnight in the film.

EDIT: Terry Notary has been confirmed to voice Cull Obsidian in addition to playing him.

Carrie Coon joins Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Terry Notary who are set to play Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian respectively. Aside from these three, there are no other attached names to the Black Order. It is worth noting that while Notary performed as Obsidian on-set via motion-capture, the chances of him voicing the actual character on-screen seem slim. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige previously teased some big names voicing them so we may be hear about them soon given the proximity of the film’s release.

Having been introduced to Carrie Coon in Fargo, I am very excited for her addition in the film. She plays a meek and likable police officer in that show, a far cry from the ruthless malevolent sister of Gamora and Nebula so it’ll be super interesting to hear her go evil for a role.

Source: Radio Times via Variety