In an interview with the cast of the upcoming Netflix show Iron Fist, Nerdist was able to find out some interesting pieces of info about the Meachum family, who will serve as antagonists on the show. The Meachums (played by David Wenham, Tom Pelphrey, and Jessica Stroup) discussed the complex morality of their characters, and how they aren’t truly “villains”. Pelphrey, who plays Ward Meachum, discussed the complexity of his character and how the Meachums will fit into the world of Iron Fist:

Well, I think the Meachums are very complex characters. And I think that Scott Buck and the writing team did a great job of fleshing us out and helping, not only us but I think the audience, understand that there are a lot of different motivations for different reasons, and that these are real people who really do care about certain things. Now, how their actions are perceived by others is of course where we might think of them as “good” or “bad” or “depending” but I think they did a really good job in giving us enough of an understanding to ground the characters in the situation. We didn’t feel like we had to judge them as good or bad.

His co-star Jessica Stroup, who plays Ward’s sister Joy Meachum, added to Pelphrey’s response, saying that the characters’ moral complexity will make it hard to tell exactly who the “good guys” and “bad guys” really are:

For the Meachums who are running this big corporation, Rand Corporation, it sets it up so that when Iron Fist comes back to New York, we’re now dealing with this guy who’s claiming to be something, and we don’t know if it really is him, and he’s been dead for 15 years, so there’s a fun dynamic there that we get to play out as the season goes on, and “who’s good? who’s bad?” You know, we keep you guessing.

Nerdist also spoke with Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, who play Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. Henwick discussed the journey that Colleen will go on over the course of the show and revealed that just like the Meachums, there’s plenty about Colleen Wing that we still don’t know:

Colleen goes on a pretty crazy journey alongside Danny. She’s very private, and so I don’t think she really starts to take down her walls until halfway through the show. Then you start to learn more about her background and how she ended up in New York.

In the comics, Colleen Wing makes up one-half of the duo known as the Daughters of the Dragon–the other half being Misty Knight, who we saw played by Simone Missick in Luke Cage. With both Daughters appearing on the Netflix shows, the obvious question becomes: will they get a spin-off show like Punisher did? Jones and Henwick both think they should:

Jones: I think it would be awesome to see a television series with the Heroes for Hire and the Daughters of the Dragon working together to take down crime

Henwick: That would be cool

Finally, Jones addressed the subject of diversity, and specifically the controversy over the decision to keep Danny Rand white. His comments were similar to those he made a few days ago on the subject, but bear repeating here:

First of all, I understand where this frustration comes from. I understand the need for more diversity in television and films, especially for Asian actors. I understand that frustration. I agree with it, I stand in solidarity with that voice. We’re tackling the issues that people are upset about. People from all over the world, all different cultures, come from K’un-Lun. So it isn’t just this Asian-specific culture. You know, you have people from Brazil there, you have people from Europe there, it’s a multi-cultural, intergalactic, alternate dimension. And Danny isn’t perfect, you know? Danny does need to learn how to deal with this responsibility, and he is a flawed character and we do address these issues in a very intelligent way, especially towards the end of the show. So I think fans are going to be very surprised by what we’re doing with it. And I just wish people would actually just give it a chance before they just read the headline and get angry. You know, I don’t think it does anyone any favors.

Jones referring to K’un-Lun as “intergalactic” is certainly an interesting choice of words. While we probably shouldn’t expect to see Xandarians or Kree walking around K’un-Lun, it’s possible that some of the mystical aspects of the Iron Fist mythology could be adapted to be alien. Shou-Lao, for example, could turn out to be a creature from another planet that only happens to look like the thing we call a dragon. Or maybe Jones just used the word to mean that K’un-Lun wasn’t exactly part of Earth. Either way, we’ll find out on March 17 when Iron Fist arrives on Netflix.

Source: Nerdist