Marvel Studios’ new Disney+ series She-Hulk has been in the news for much of the last couple weeks, although most of the reports on the show haven’t actually revealed many specific details for casting or production as of yet. While tonight doesn’t bring anything earth-shattering, a new report from the Illuminerdi has shed some light on more of what we should expect to see in the story. The new report highlights details on the show’s supporting cast, as well as specific details on the leading heroine’s day job.

In a new description for the mini-series, Jennifer Walters will keep to her comic-book roots as a lawyer and we will see her achieving a good level of success with her profession, specifically in the pursuit of cases pertaining to superheroic law. While nothing has been revealed on how we will see Walters’ Hulked out persona displayed on screen or if she will be green the entire time as she is in the comics, the more interesting reveal is that she will be focusing on the rights of superheroes along with providing heroics of her own. After the implementation of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, which forced Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to register with the government and caused a major divide among the team, it will be very interesting to see if Walters’ cases dig deeper into the future of superhero politics and how that affects the way these heroes operate in the world.

The report also reveals information on two new supporting characters as part of the cast, She-Hulk’s best friend and a character named Meg. For her best friend, the studio is looking for an actress in the age-range of 26 to 28, which is very specific although there are no other details besides her age. Meg is reportedly a lawyer described as shrewd and having a biting wit and humor, in the age range of 29 to 35. These descriptions leave things very unclear on if these are characters taken for the comics or original characters created for the show, and Meg’s description could make her either a friend or foe of the starring character, so there is plenty of speculation for all the fans to engage in over the coming months. She-Hulk seems to be shaping into something very unique for the MCU, and the excitement is starting to build as the show ramps up to begin filming this August.

Source:The Illuminerdi