While it was a rather short presentation, Kevin Feige did show footage from Eternals. Piecing together various descriptions from people who have actually seen it on Twitter, this footage showcased all the actors in their mythic armor and a quote from Ajak, played Salma Hayek. Which is very likely after they have spent time integrating into human society and regaining their memories.

“These people and this planet have changed all of us. We must protect them.”

They also showed the Eternals meeting Druig, played by Barry Keoghan, leader of the Deviants,  and even a Kumail Nanjiani dance number with Salma Hayek on horseback.

Additionally, the footage has been described as something that “…looks completely different than any other MCU film they’ve made…” which we’ve heard before. But, from all the behind the scenes photos we’ve seen, Eternals seems to have more practical sets than any MCU movie in the past. Which should hopefully set it apart from the rest in the franchise and make it a stand out.

Finally, Kevin Feige hinted that this movie would “…change the MCU in Phase 4…” which might point to this movie setting up mutants and how they will eventually come to appear on Earth. Or it could be that the Celestials might be turning their focus to Earth once more.

Source: Twitter