CCXP finally arrived with a bit more insight into behind-the-scenes of Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige didn’t get as much time as we hoped he would but that didn’t stop him from dropping a few tidbits here and there. We got a good look at the WandaVision that will explore a completely unique side of the MCU and the first-ever footage was shown from next year’s The Eternals with Feige teasing its relevancy. So, there was a nice balance of the stuff revealed back at SDCC from upcoming films and their Disney+ line-up. Oddly though, at first there seemed to be some lack on the D23 announcements. Luckily, he still took some time to make sure that these shows might be available sooner than expected.

“We announced MK, SH, MM. All coming… and these shows will be ready towards the end of next year. Right around the time D+ is coming to Brazil.”

Feige‘s statement can be understood in multiple ways. On one side, there is the possibility they will enter into early productions at the start of 2020 for them to be available by the end of the year. There seem to be some development hinting that these shows have been fast-tracked, such as Moon Knight already having its villains rumored and Ms. Marvel in early casting. Still, quite a few of the announced Disney+ series are in different stages of development. We already got release windows for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What If..? and Hawkeye. Only the show focusing on Falcon and Winter Soldier is aimed to premiere next year with four shows to arrive in 2021. So, he might just be hinting at these series entering into production once the year ends so that they are ready for 2022. They might be aiming for a strategy that each time one of these shows end, they have another one to replace it for ongoing weekly Marvel Studios goodness.

What do you think? When do you think they will release and which show are you looking forward to the most?

Source: Twitter (Discussing Film)