Back in October, it was revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony would be bringing the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming to Brazil’s CCXP. Following that news, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 director James Gunn went on to announce that he’d also be tagging along to promote the upcoming sequel. Since then, news regarding the convention has been rather scarce, but with the con being days away now, a schedule has finally been released for the panels, giving us an idea of when we can expect possible news to hit.

For those eager to hear some news regarding Homecoming, it appears Sony’s panel is set to kick off at 10:30 AM EST on December 2nd.


Thanks to a Reddit user, we’ve got our first look at what appears to be a new poster being assembled at the convention.


Given the film’s big presence at the convention, I’d expect some news to make its way online throughout the day. A new poster is obvious, given the above image, but maybe we’ll get a trailer description? Or even our first footage from the film? It’s hard to say, but I’d like to think a trailer is possible – especially since it’s rumored the first trailer is set to play ahead of Rogue One, a film that’s only a few weeks out from release at this point.

As for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, Gunn will be on hand to promote the film, so I’d definitely expect some footage to debut at the convention. As to whether or not that footage is made public after? That’s hard to say. If they adhere to their SDCC rules with exclusive footage, it’s highly unlikely, but then again, we have already seen a sneak peek… so fingers crossed!


There’s also going to be a Netflix panel, but it’s hard to say what Netflix has in store and/or whether or not anything they’ll be bringing will have to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For now, make sure to stay tuned to MCU Exchange as we continue to bring you news as it hits!

You can download the full schedule by heading over here.

Source: Reddit.