Now that we have seen Chadwick Boseman in action as The Black Panther, we know that he has brought the character of T’Challa to life with the spirit of a royal warrior. Rather than choosing sides in Captain America: Civil War, he sought the side of justice for a crime against his own family. With this introduction, The Black Panther entered the MCU with a complexity that we’ve come to expect from the Marvel heroes.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly for the Toronto International Film Festival, Boseman shared that he doesn’t think of his character strictly as a hero.

I feel like although he is a superhero, he is a super anti-hero.

In a world of complicated heroes, the MCU version of The Black Panther seems to be one that has clear morals with the interest of his people, if not the world, at heart. While he isn’t interested in the political aspects of the Sokovia Accords, he isn’t a horrible person, like many “Anti-heroes” appear to be, when observed objectively.

In celebration of the release of Captain America: Civil War on Blu-Ray and DVD, Marvel interviewed Boseman live on Facebook. One fan asked if there was an African political figure used as inspiration for his portrayal of The Black Panther.

There was not one particular person actually, my dialect coach was from South Africa, so there was definitely some Mandela in there, like, a young Mandela, who was not quite as peaceful. In current time the president of Kenya, but also from listening to those from around the continent. Wakanda is fictitious … We wanted to have the freedom to have our own accent and dialect, and that’s still being developed even as we speak.

His comment about a not-so-peaceful Mandela is interesting to note because, in Civil War, T’Challa spent the duration of the film in search of vengeance for his father’s murder. It will be interesting to see how his character evolves moving forward in Black Panther now that he has apprehended his father’s killer and chosen to not let vengeance consume him. We will no doubt see a wiser, more mature version of the character going forward.

Black Panther hits theaters on July 6, 2018, and stars Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and Lupita Nyong’o

Sources: Entertainment Weekly and Marvel Studios