In a Facebook live Q&A Session held on Monday by, Chadwick Boseman talked about his take on the character of the Black Panther, and he was also able to give some details regarding how the events of Captain America: Civil War will affect T’Challa in later films. When directly asked if any specific plot lines seen in Civil War would carry over into the events of his Black Panther solo film, Boseman had this to say:

“I think that’s why they made his arc so complete, so that it is contained. You have to, in doing that, make sure you leave room for a lot of things that you want to happen. I can’t say what they are but that was thought out by me, thought out by the producers, the directors, I’m sure Stan Lee had something to say about it … That’s definitely part of the process.”

While he doesn’t let anything slip as far as plot details go, we can gather that the ending of Civil War has left a lot of room for his character to grow and a lot of open opportunities for new stories. By the end of Civil War, we know that T’Challa has given refuge to the now re-frozen Winter Soldier, as well as at least temporary lodging for Captain America himself. While we never see any other members of Team Cap outside of The Raft at the end of the film, we do know that they are all fugitives from the government, and there is a possibility that they are in hiding out in Wakanda as well.

Civil War gave us a lot to look forward to moving forward with the Black Panther in his own solo franchise, and when asked about the weight of the role in another recent interview, Boseman had this to say:

“Only at certain moments does it feel like it’s historic,” he told
Digital Spy. “I think I felt it when we were on the stage together at
Comic-Con when all the other actors came out, and [director Ryan
Coogler] was there, and [Marvel Studios president Kevin] Feige was
there. I felt it at that moment.”

“But on a day-to-day basis I can’t think about how big it is. I have
to think about what I have to do today to be ready for the moment when
the cameras roll. And when the camera rolls, I’m just thinking about
the scene I’m doing.”

Black Panther is set to begin production in January and will hit the big screen on February 2nd, 2018.

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