It had to happen. After seeing endless pictures of Luke and Misty, Claire and Luke, Jessica and Misty, Danny and Colleen, we finally have one with two of the fab four Defenders. Images of Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter have surfaced on the interwebs (specifically Twitter).


Spotted on the set sometime in the past few days, the images feature The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and the Drunk B in Apartment 23 horsing around on set, looking adorable as they bask in the enjoyment of filming this show. While the images aren’t particularly juicy or spoilerific, they do give us the monumental first look of seeing two of the main Defenders in-costume in the same shot for the very first time. It’s like the 2011 Avengers set pictures all over again.

The Defenders is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2017.

Source: Charlie Cox France twitter page