Before Charlie Cox gets started filming The Defenders later this year, he’s appearing at many conventions, hitting two of them this past weekend. While at Dragon Con, in Atlanta, he gave a little bit of new insight on Daredevil, and the man behind the mask.

According to Daily Dragon, Cox admitted to being called out on the different voice he uses when he puts on the Daredevil costume.

Cox believes Murdock puts on the Daredevil’s signature suit with good intentions. “[Murdock] knew he was gonna go out and make a difference,” he said. The suit changes Murdock; it even alters his speech, making it more aggressive with interesting, short, sharp sentences. The change in speech was something that the show’s producers cautioned him on, saying, “You’re starting to sound like Batman.” But Cox was quick to point out that there aren’t that many ways to sound threatening.

Cox is still a rather long way from sounding like Batman, and one of the things that he has brought to Daredevil is a depth of character. In fact, he explained that there was one moment on screen where he was applauded for shedding a tear that he hadn’t even intended.

Cox recalled how he was once given kudos for a scene with Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal, wherein he cries upon hearing Castle’s personal tragedy. Except, Cox couldn’t remember crying. When he watched the episode, he saw the “tear” come down and remembered that it was actually sweat from having just carried Bernthal up a hill. “If I ever need to cry,” Cox said about future scenes, “I’m gonna carry Jon Bernthal.”

Previously, Cox has said that carrying Jon Bernthal to the elevator was one of the toughest parts of the stairway fight in the third episode of season two. But one thing that he hasn’t addressed before is his character’s deviation from the comics, where Matt Murdock traditionally has red hair. According to Cox, they didn’t completely overlook this detail.

“We tried,” he said. “It looked really weird.”

At this point, Charlie Cox is Daredevil, and his acting has hidden any cosmetic differences between him and the character in the comics. We’ll see him next when Matt Murdock joins the rest of the Netflix Marvel characters in The Defenders sometime in 2017. Daredevil season three will come at a future date not yet announced.

Source: Daily Dragon.