With convention season in full swing, Daredevil star Charlie Cox hit his second convention in one weekend, along with co-star Elden Henson at Fan Expo in Toronto. The Nelson and Murdock pair were interviewed by Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada. Quesada has recently said that the Netflix side of the creative works at Marvel is taking up the most of his time, and was able to dive right into the details that fans wanted from the actors.

Cox has talked before about how he was trained by Joe Strechay (who is blind) to perform everyday tasks like a blind man. In Toronto, the star revealed that in order to pull off the blind act in the filming of the first episode, he actually wore contacts that looked like his eyes, but blocked his sight. While this made it easier to act blind, it was a technological nightmare between scenes when he needed assistance around set. He quickly learned that, while it was harder to act blind without the contacts, it was easier on everybody for him to suck it up and go without the contacts.

In The Defenders, coming in 2017, Matt Murdock will finally come together with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Danny Rand. One fan asked about what the stars hope for when Matt and Jessica have to work together. This is a subject that makes me so excited, as I can’t wait to see Jessica and Matt interact. However, Cox has his eyes on a different relationship. The star said that he can’t wait for Matt to meet Danny, portrayed by Finn Jones. Cox admitted that he recently met Jones, and he is very excited about the relationship that the two characters will have, moving forward.

The first season of Daredevil made a very big deal over Matt’s hesitation to kill his enemy. However, it’s hard to ignore that, along the way, Daredevil has injured many opponents in a seemingly lethal way. Cox admitted that, if Matt really hasn’t killed anybody yet, it’s only by luck.

You know, in season one episode two when he throws the guy off the roof – that’s a gamble, you know what I mean? … So, you know, I think his no killing record is slightly by chance at this point. And also, there’s a couple of times where, there’s a scene in episode four of season two where he goes to rescue The Punisher, kind of thing, right, in the catacombs, and as he comes in, he then beats up a couple of guys, knocks them out, right? And then he goes in, he gets Frank, he goes through a couple other rooms, he beats up people, he has a quick conversation with Frank, they then beat up a couple of people together, and as they are leaving, those two guys are still knocked out. If they are not dead, they are seriously brained. If you get knocked out and you’re still knocked out half an hour later, that’s not good. It’s a slightly loose moral compass at times, you know what I mean?

Henson’s hopes for season three? More scenes where he can act while sitting down.

If you want to see the whole panel, including Quesada announcing that Cox is expecting a child soon, a low-quality version is below. We’ll next see Cox and Henson in The Defenders sometime in 2017, and again when Daredevil returns for Season Three at an unannounced time.

Source: Ken McCuen.