As the Netflix sub-universe of Marvel properties continues to expand with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders, we would be remiss to forget the series that started it all: Daredevil. The highly lauded show was recently announced to be returning on an unspecified date for a third go around with old Hornhead. All that we do know is that the third season would drop sometime after The Defenders premieres. Speaking at a Wizard World Chicago panel, Daredevil himself, Charlie Cox had this to say:

He can’t do all this alone. And that’s to say maybe some teamwork – He’s actually going to relinquish [some responsibility]. So whatever lessons he learns in The Defenders will then play into I think season three.

Maybe some teamwork and trusting others is just what the doctor ordered for our favorite tortured vigilante. Last we saw him, Matt Murdock’s life was in something of a free-fall. Foggy left to go work at Jeri Hogarth’s law firm and Karen took up with Ben Urich’s old newspaper. A big arc for the season was Matt driving people away and trying to take on the burden of the defender of Hell’s Kitchen at the expense of his personal relationships. We’ll just have to wait and see how Daredevil learns to play with his fellow heroes in The Defenders and how that all plays out in his own series.

Source: Reddit