It’s amazing to think that we are less than 48 hours until season 2 of Daredevil finally hits and consumes many of our lives. There are plenty of reasons to be excited for the season whether you want to see more from Daredevil or are more interested in some of the new elements like Jon Bernthal‘s Punisher, Elodie Yung‘s Elektra, The Hand, and who knows what else is coming.

The devil of Hell’s Kitchen himself, Charlie Cox, has been out promoting the upcoming season of the show and brought about some new information. Cox recently talked to both TV Line and where he teases what is in store for this season and how his version of Daredevil would fit in with the Avengers.

When Matt started the journey of becoming Daredevil, he was not necessarily enjoying every aspect of it. When we first meet him in season 2, this is not the same man who first dawned the all black, homemade costume. He has previously teased his new found swagger and this comes from his recent success.

Matt and Daredevil have enjoyed a period of time where everything’s been going brilliantly well. Wilson Fisk is behind bars, the crime rate has plummeted because everyone is aware of Daredevil his work….

When I read the first episode of Season 2, at the end of the opening credits sequence it specifically said that there’s ‘a smile on his face,’ and I remember thinking, ‘We’re meeting a Matt Murdock who’s enjoying being Daredevil more than he ever has.’ He kind of probably believes that he’s ‘nailed it,’ and things will only get better from here on out.

This smile could quite literally be knocked off his face when he meets Frank Castle, recently compared to a one man army. Matt did not take kindly to Wilson Fisk, and when this new enemy arises, it will cause him to reflect on his actions and methods.

When Matt initially meets Frank Castle, it’s very easy for him to pigeonhole him, in the same way that he did Wilson Fisk. But what happens very quickly after that is he has to consider another possibility, which is that these two people are actually much more similar than they are different — which is of course an incredibly scary prospect for Matt.

Matt’s also got to consider the possibility that he himself is responsible for the emergence of people like Frank Castle, and that’s a pretty tough emotional journey that he has to go through.

One of the other new characters that will be introduced this season, but she will make you constantly question her motivations. We have seen glimpses of how she and Matt will interact in combat and romantically, and Cox was excited to see how she would change the dynamic of the show.

I knew that it was going to throw a spanner in the works in terms of Matt and Karen’s romance, which has been kind of hinted at from the very beginning. I also assumed that it would change a little of the fight sequences,in that Matt would have some help in some of his Daredevil endeavors! We needed to throw something into the mix to spice up the action sequences this season.

He went on to talk about his first day wearing the new suit and the fight that it takes place in. It appears we have seen glimpses of it in the trailer, but he praised the work of stunt coordinator Phil Silvera and his stunt double Chris Brewster, who we recently had the chance to interview.

What was nice about doing that scene is it was almost exactly a year off from the [original ‘one-shot’] sequence, and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is a tall order. Obviously we’re going to try to ‘pay homage’ to the scene from Episode 2, Season 1 — is that something we should even attempt? But I had complete trust in Phil Silvera, the stunt coordinator, and [stunt double] Chris Brewster, who are really the best in the trade at what they do.

In a separate interview with, he was asked about how this dark and gritty version of Daredevil would fit in with the Avengers should they ever crossover. After curiously reading the Civil War run recently, he thinks it would be a perfect fit.

Some people have said that they wonder about, based on the tone the show, how Matt would fit in with the Avengers. I was reading Civil War the other day, and Matt Murdock… is kind of an ass. He’s in the back, standing around grumpy a lot of the time, and every now and again, he just says ‘Well, we’re not doing that’ or something to that effect, and I’m like, ‘That’s the character, we’re fine.’ So tonally, with Matt I think we’re right on point and he’d be a perfect fit in the larger MCU.

Him reading Civil War only a few months before it’s release gives me the slightest of hopes that he could actually have a small cameo and be the first step in connecting the Netflix shows into the larger MCU. It has to happen at some point and although unlikely, if it happens I agree that he would be a natural fit, especially on Team Cap.

Season 2 of Daredevil debuts exclusively on Netflix Friday at 12:01 a.m. PST.

Sources: TV Line & Comicbook.