When The Defenders was first announced, the plan seemed simple. Each character would have one season focused on their story, then they would all come together in one shorter series as The Defenders. But as the world met our characters, these plans appeared to change. Daredevil was given a second season, which Netflix insisted should come before the team-up series, and as recently as a year ago, there were rumors that Iron Fist was under consideration of being canned, altogether.

According to Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, there were more plans that changed, behind the scenes, when it comes to The Defenders schedule. According to an interview with Complex, once people met Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Marvel decided that they needed more of the bullet-proof hero, and they needed it soon.

“Marvel went from, ‘We’re gonna take our time’ to ‘Let’s flip it and do Luke Cage first,’” Coker says. “‘We’ve got this great concept and this guy is leaping off the screen, let’s follow the momentum.’”

As for the response from star Mike Colter, Coker added that it wasn’t pure joy for the expedited timeline.

“I called Mike and he’s freaking out: ‘We’re having a baby, my wife’s going to leave me!’ I had to calm him down,” says Coker.

Thankfully, Colter’s family seems to have survived the change in schedule, and we are getting more of his embodiment of Luke Cage in a few days. Our excitement for Iron Fist will have to wait until 2017. Until then, how excited are you to see Luke Cage on Friday, when it premieres in its entirety on Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Complex Via Collider.