Avengers: Infinity War will finally introduce us to the big bad of the entire MCU, Thanos. He won’t be alone as he is bringing some of his children along for the ride. The film will have quite a few challenges as we will finally get much more screentime from the big purple titan. With the introduction of so many characters, it is a bit worrying if his children will end up as one-dimensional villains. It was hinted by Josh Brolin that the relationship between Thanos and his children will play a key part in developing his character and showing his misguided way of viewing love. Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor who did the motion-capture for Ebony Maw, hinted that this development is not exclusively for Thanos.

As I get older, and the more [villains] I play, the more exhausting it becomes. Because you’re really trying to channel something that’s very dark and to bring some truth to it.

The actor is also appearing in the upcoming zombie-film The Cured, where he also has to play a more sinister role. As such, the expectations to see a complex villain fight alongside Thanos is an intriguing one. Vaughan-Lawlor offered a bit more insight into how directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, gave a lot of care to give his character a certain level of complexity beyond “being evil”.

They were all about the truth of this character and what his objective was and what he wants within that universe. Although you’re playing at the operatic supervillain level, what they were asking of me as an actor was to find the truth of the character in the scenes.

He does not reveal much about the character but it will be interesting to see what role he will have in the film. There is also the question of what way they will make use of Ebony Maw, as behind-the-scenes showed him trying to toy with Doctor Strange’s mind, which is something he has done in the comics. Some theories have him also being in the sequence that will see Lok handing over the Tesseract, so we could get a fun and interesting interaction between two very manipulative characters.

Source: Inverse