While we may not know how just great of a show The Defenders will turn out until we see it, one of the things we can definitely look forward to are the badass fight scenes we’re going to get, all thanks to the genius performers and choreographers behind it all. A few weeks ago, we broke a story about Charlie Cox confirming that the stunt and martial crew for The Defenders would be composed of a bunch of new people and now, it appears that one of the people included in that new batch of performers is none other than Chilean action star/martial artist Marko Zaror, who apparently was cast some time ago as Shaft, one of the members of Stick’s crew The Chaste.

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Shaft will be the third named Chaste member created by Frank Miller to appear in the Marvel/Netflix universe. In case some of you forgot, Stone appeared at the tail end of Episode 7 of Daredevil Season 1 while Star was present and later killed in those flashbacks to Elektra’s training in Season 2. The remaining main Chaste members who haven’t appeared yet are Master Izo, Claw, Flame and Wing (you can tell how creative Frank Miller got with these names), so I’m hoping we see more of them particularly Izo, now that they’ve pretty much set up a Hand-centric story for The Defenders.

As for the casting itself, I don’t know much about Marko Zaror and his body of work but one quick search on Youtube would pretty much tell you all there is to know about what the dude can do. Hint: he can absolutely kick your ass. I’m sold!

Source: Instagram via Man Without Fear