Earlier this month, Doctor Strange started filming in Nepal. We’ve seen photos of Benedict Cumberbatch as the world class surgeon and future Supreme Sorcerer, and Chiwetel Ejiofor has also been spotted.

Ejiofor is reportedly playing Baron Mordo, and even with an official cast list, Marvel has yet to make that official. He recently took a break from filming to speak to Vulture about his latest film, Secret in Their Eyes, but the topic eventually turned to his Marvel future.

He undoubtedly signed a multi-picture deal like all Marvel actors, but he isn’t waiting around for another possible appearance in the future.

Obviously, the idea is that you’ll be part of something that could have more incarnations, but that’s sort of not the focus. The focus is that you just want to make the film that you’re making as good as you can make it. That’s what I’m in engaged with at the moment. It’s a really fascinating project.

Hopefully, this means that Ejiofor will stick around longer than some of the other villains from past films. Marvel has had the tendency to do one-off villains (Ultron, Ronan, Malekith, etc.), but Mordo presents a complicated character and villain, if he is one that is. Ejiofor doesn’t want to give anything away at this point.

In a strange way, I don’t want to answer that question, if you don’t mind. Because I feel like it’s linked to things I shouldn’t get into. I hope it will be interesting when we bring the film out to see what those characters are like — or what they’re not like. You’re gonna have to wait and see!

Doctor Strange will introduce real magic into the MCU, stuff that can not be explained by science as Thor would suggest. Being that it is the second film in Phase 3 and follows directly after Captain America: Civil War, Strange should have a major impact moving forward.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters on November 4, 2016.

Source: Vulture