Marvel Studios has assembled quite the selection of talent for the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years. The new standard to join the universe seems to get taller with every hiring. When Doctor Strange was undergoing the casting process, it was reported that Chiwetel Ejiofor would be joining the cast as Baron Mordo.

After Marvel made it official, he was spotted on set in the very first few days of filming. Ejiofor has previously talked about the complexity and hopes for a sequel, and now he talked to Collider about his experience so far and joining the MCU.

When he was asked about getting involved with the project, he credited Guardians of the Galaxy and the visual direction of the movie.

Well, I guess I have always been a big fan of Marvel films and I was just excited by the way they have been sort of pushing the envelope. I guess when I watched Guardians of The Galaxy I was like, “This is really exceptional, what is happening here.” So I met with Kevin [Feige] and basically said, “Listen, I’m excited to get involved so let me know what is going on.” And then Doctor Strange was what we started to talk about. Getting into that universe and getting into that kind of concept was so thrilling, and even then having these conversations of what was going to happen with it and what they were going to visually attempt was incredible to me.

There has clearly been an influx in superhero movies over the last few years, and we will have an all-time high this year. Ejiofor says that Marvel is not settling and making a “beautifully weird” movie.

I totally know what you mean, and I think all those things were what were exciting to me. I just think that they were, like I say, in a sense pushing the envelope and getting product out there…Not sort of resting on any kind of laurels, thinking what’s next. How do we re-engage the audience? How do we up the ante? How do we do that effectively? And also Doctor Strange is a fascinating part of the whole gamut. It’s a beautifully weird and brilliant sequence of comics and smart and philosophical in the same way. It has all of those elements, so I thought it was pretty cool.

Marvel is known for their secrecy with not only roles but also locations and sets. We’ve seen some behind-the-scenes photos and Ejiofor shared his feelings when he first arrived to start filming.

Well I just thought that the design was extraordinary, and the sort of realization of everything. I hope that that is the experience that the audience has with the film, just sort of recognizing that the attempt is to create something unique and spectacular.

The other pressing question for most actors involved in the MCU is the lengths of their contracts. Unsurprisingly, Ejiofor would not reveal his length just in case it could reveal some spoilers.

Well that question, I can’t answer. That may give things away.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016.

Source: Collider