All eyes may currently be on Captain America: Civil War thanks to a new trailer, and as we await for it to come out, we should not forget that Marvel is currently working on another film. Director Scott Derrickson is hard at work on Doctor Strange, which will be responsible for the introduction of the Sorcerer Supreme, different dimensions, and possibly time travel.

Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) himself will be dealing with adjusting to his new life when we first meet him and will be doing so with Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) keeping a close eye on him. Ejiofor has previously said Mordo is a very complex character, but expanded on that and more when he talked to HeyUGuys about the upcoming movie and his role.

As he stated before, Mordo is a complex character that could turn out to be a friend or foe in the movie. This is what makes him so fascinated by the character.

I think he’s a fascinating character.. I think even in the kind of original framework of the character its very fascinating, and sort of fleshing that out and giving it a three dimensional quality, it’s been really exciting, and I think even within the kind of scope and the technical and visual skill of the Marvel universe I think this is really something unique as well, so I’m excited for people to see it.

Marvel is famous for keeping secrets and not letting the public, and sometimes even the actors involved, know what the deal is with a particular movie, character, and so on. For Ejiofor, this is something that just comes with any movie.

Well it’s sort of normal I think, say for Triple 9 I haven’t talked that much about it before, so it’s somewhat normal not to talk much about something, you kind of want to hold it back before people get the chance to take a look at it.

Thanks to Oscar nominations, there has been plenty of discussion recently about the lack of diversity within film. This can be applied to superhero movies as well, where there are not a lot of prominent black heroes. Ejiofor thinks Marvel is doing a good job bringing them to the forefront, and hopes that they and other studios continue to do so.

I think certainly that Marvel are introducing a lot of different characters and diversity in the characters. I think getting Black Panther up and running is like really great and really exciting, and I think that the more that that can happen and we get as an audience to experience different stories different people it very rich, its a very rich world.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016.

Source: HeyUGuys