Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is always building up to something, but the slow build up this season has been for Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) to take the lead of the Secret Warriors, a group of Inhumans within S.H.I.E.L.D. With last week’s episode leaving Daisy and Lincoln to save the team, it looks like it’s finally time for the Secret Warriors to go to work.

IGN caught up with Bennet to talk about the evolution of her character, who is becoming more of a leader every day. She started by explaining how exciting it is to be a part of a team of heroes with superpowers.

I was so excited. I just remember watching X-Men when I was younger and thinking, “That’s so cool. That’s what I want to do. I want to be a part of something like that.” It’s really exciting to me. It was like my inner 6 year old got to go to work and play superheroes and it was so much fun. We all have a text thread called “Secret Warriors” and we just talk to each other. We’re big dorks about it. But it’s such a good time.

Daisy has been the main character on the show with Inhuman abilities. Lincoln, portrayed by Luke Mitchell, has been more involved recently, with his electric charm. Off-screen, this is giving Bennet a chance to mentor other actors in a similar way as Daisy is, on-screen.

It was funny because Luke and I, we were kind of giving them lessons like, “Okay, it feels really stupid but the more you commit or just do it…” I think them seeing our enthusiasm about it probably helps. But they were so good. It was fun. Especially that moment where the wall breaks open and we all step through it, we all had way too much fun. Me and Luke went through our own little superhero boot camp at the beginning of Season 3. We were discovering how to hold our hands and the different postures and the different powers. It was great to do that again with new people.

On the show, it seems that Daisy’s leadership skills are developing in a very natural way. In regards to her being in charge of the Secret Warriors, she said that there is definitely a learning curve.

I think she’s getting her sea legs. I think she’s still working on it. It’s something that takes practice. People are born with the skills that it takes to be a leader and the rest is being out in the field and doing it and making the hard calls and the tough decisions. It was trickier for me than I thought because everyone I’m working with is older than me and that was different. So to get onscreen and be the leader of all these people who are older than me, it didn’t feel as organic as it probably should have, to be completely honest. So there are some things where I’m like “Oh, I’m clearly a little uncomfortable” but I think it works for the show because Daisy probably is too. As an actor, there are some things you can’t control and you use it in the scene. If you’re feeling sick that day, that’s what’s happening with your character and that’s just an extra layer that you’re going to bring to the character that day. That’s what I used onscreen. It’s something that she’s going to grow into. Obviously they do a great job, but things don’t go as planned.

What would it be like if they did go as planned?

[Laughs] It’s perfect! We all just go and watch Netflix.

Daisy has evolved quickly, which is something that Bennet talked about being a parallel to her own life.

It’s similar on screen and off screen. I’m the youngest character on the show and I’m also the youngest actor on the show but out of the Secret Warriors I have more experience as a SHIELD agent and I’ve had more experience in the field and Daisy is the most qualified to be the leader on the team because she’s been through a lot and she’s a very experienced person in the field because of the past couple of seasons. It makes sense but there’s always that level of insecurity that I think every leader has. It was important for me to kind of bring those elements of authenticity to the show and to her being a leader. It’s never just “Okay! Here I am and everything is perfect and I’m not insecure.” I think any leader that feels that way, they’re not a leader. They probably want power and control. Any genuine leader is probably insecure with their decisions and learning and trying to make the best decisions and be the best person they can be. Hopefully that translates this episode.

Last week, Daisy set off a series of landmines, displaying a unique use of her talent. Did she enjoy that?

Yeah! That was one of my favorites because that was from the comic book. I never got to do something just from my hands. That was pretty exciting.

How will she be using her powers in the future?

…you have no idea how crazy it gets! I will just say that at the end, end, end of the season you will see her powers grow even more and people will be like, “Why isn’t she on the Avengers? She’s so powerful!” She grows a lot.

We look forward to seeing how those powers grow. You can see Bennet leading the Secret Warriors on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tomorrow night, with episode 3×17, “The Team.” What do you think Daisy will be able to do, as she becomes more confident in her powers?

Source: IGN