Breaking news! Variety is reporting that Marvel Studio has picked a director for The Eternals. Acclaimed indie director Chloe Zhao, who made waves with her Sundance western-drama The Rider, has been hired to direct the debut of Jack Kirby‘s iconic creations.

She has since been eyed for directing assignments on several major studio films, and sources say Zhao’s meeting with Marvel execs impressed so much that the studio moved fast to book her before she landed another job.

This isn’t the first time Zhao has been associated with a Marvel Studios project. A few months ago, Zhao’s name was attached to the shortlist of directors for Black Widow, whose director’s chair has been filled by Cate Shortland. Zhao is a huge score for Marvel Studios, making her the first woman of color to handle directing duties for an MCU film. Knowing how eager Kevin Feige and his team at Marvel Studios were to hire her makes us even more excited for the film. We cannot wait to see what her vision is for The Eternals.

Source: Variety