Avengers: Infinity War is 2 months into production and filming has been taking place both in Atlanta, Georgia and Edinburgh, Scotland. Filming back-to-back with the STILL untitled Avengers 4 (which will probably remain untitled until the end credits of Infinity War), the production is expected to continue on both films until at least June.

With filming so spread out, we know that not everyone will be filming at all times. So far Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen have been caught on set one way or another and a large number of other actors have indicated they’ve begun work on the film as well. Someone we haven’t seen on set yet is Chris Evans. In a previous interview, the 35-year old Evans discussed the end of his contract and his shooting schedule for the films. He recently sat down on The Ellen Show and gave a tiny update:

So with a slightly adjusted timeline, it seems Evans may begin shooting right around the time filming shitfs to New York City (though we have no idea how long they’ll be on location in NYC). When last we saw Cap, he was in hiding in Wakanda, so if he joins the action in New York, it could be a pretty dramatic reemergence for First Avenger.

Also of note, this is the second time that Evans has been asked if he might be done as Steve Rogers only to reply that his contract is up. While this is no indicator one way or another, it’s nice to have some hope that he may renegotiate with Marvel for future films. The Captain America trilogy is a very strong series of films and much of that is on the shoulders of Evans’ impressive growth in the role.