The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be about to go through its biggest change yet in the coming years. Yesterday, it was revealed that the ever so fleeting Fox-Disney deal that have been making the news waves recently may come to an end by next. According to CNBC, it’s highly possible that Disney settles a deal with Fox to acquire several of its international media assets. Included in those assets of course are the highly prized film rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchise. It’s no secret that the prospect of this merger is every fan boy’s dream, so much so that even Captain America himself, Chris Evans, had to share his excitement on Twitter, saying:

The real takeaway here isn’t the content but the Tweet itself. Chris Evans might be the first major guy from the Disney camp to actually say anything about the potential deal. Despite it clearly being a joke, it’s so cool seeing one of the poster boys of the Marvel Universe actually say something about this deal (even though he likely doesn’t know anything about the brass tax). Like everyone else, Evans is excited in what the future holds for the MCU. We wouldn’t rule the possibility of some of these actors rethinking their contracts now that the MCU is about to blow up in ways people couldn’t have imagined back then. Maybe Chris Evans signs on for an Invaders film where he plays the golden age Human Torch, Toro and Jim Hammond.

Source: Twitter