Back in July, we brought you the scoop that Steve Rogers, who gave up the shield in Captain America: Civil War, would be moving away from the Captain America persona and becoming his own man, with his own agenda: Nomad! The more we’ve seen of Cap, the more people have come to accept it and Sebastian Stan even teased it when he signed the poster of a young fan back in November.

This weekend, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan were among several Marvel Studios stars in attendance at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix. During an autograph session, both Evans and Stan took the opportunity to build the Nomad hype a little more when they signed some paraphernalia for a fan:

While we’ve never gotten official word from Marvel Studios, it seems safe to say that most people are pretty excited about the change and what it could mean for Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War. Evans has grown into the role so beautifully that it’ll be hard to say goodbye if, in fact, Avengers 4 marks the end for him as Cap. However, we still have at least two more films to enjoy Evans as Rogers, starting with his turn as Nomad when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th!

Source: Instagram